Web Guiding Seminar 14 (BLS 14)

The next Web Guiding Seminar will take place on September 18, 2018 and September 19, 2018 at TU Chemnitz. Along with the actual symposium of scientific, technical speeches a Get-Together is planned in the evening of September 18, 2018 as well as an accompanying exhibiton on the conference day (September 19, 2018).

Call for papers

We invite you to add your topics for the Web Guiding Seminar 14, you can address all aspects of Web Guiding
  • Materials, machines and processes
  • Web guiding theory and simulation
  • Measurement technology and sensor integration
  • Monitoring, controling and regulation


Speeches should be held in German. The duration for each speech should be 20 minutes. Authors are requested to submit their abstracts until April 15, 2018 via email ( All contributions will be reviewed by the commitee. Authors will be notified until May 02, 2018.


The full texts of the speeches will be published subsequent in a Proceedings edition. The corrected version of the full paper has to be submitted until November 01, 2018. The publication is planned for end of November 2019. Exhibitors have the possibility to publish an advertisement.


Along with the conference program an accompanying exhibition is planned, where you can promote your products and services to the audience. Exhibitors do only pay costs for participation. There are no stand fees. Please register your exhibition stand until July 01, 2018. You can use the registration form on this website.

Proceedings to the 13th Web Guiding Seminar

The proceedings to the 13th Web Guiding Seminar (original title "Proceedings zum 13. Bahnlaufseminar") have been published in VWF Verlag für Wissenschaft und Forschung GmbH Berlin. You can order your sample on the website of the Institute of Print and Media Technology.

Scheduling & deadlines

Closing date 03.09.2018
Closing date 01.07.2018
Announcing of the topic (title) 30.03.2018
Submission of the abstract 15.04.2018
Admission through the commission 02.05.2018
Submission of the presentation (PPT) 01.09.2018
Submission of the final version of the paper (for publication) 01.11.2018
Publication of proceedings 30.11.2019