Program of Web Guiding Seminar 14

18. September 2018 - Get Together

Welcome und Guided tour of the museum "smac Staatliches Museum für Archäologie Chemnitz"
Dinner / Buffet at the restaurant "Mama Joe’s"

19. September 2018 - Conference


Session A: Machines and Processes

Nicole Ludat, Martin Leinert, Enrico Schöhl (Fraunhofer AVV, Dresden): Guidelines for optimization of surface flatness "SmartExtrusion"
Dr. Jürgen Willmann, Robert Thieme (GT+W GmbH, Rödermark): Selection of suitable transport mechanism for substrate-based production on the basis of economic parameters
Coffee break

Session B: Web guiding theory and Simulation

Dr. Nicklas Norrick (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG): Effect of error compensation in rotary encoders on printing quality at a digital printing machine
Prof. Günther Brandenburg (TU München) Dr. Andreas Klemm (PhysiKoM e.K.): Lateral behaviour of elastic webs with consideration of thrust impact
Prof. Dominique Knittel (Université de Strasbourg, Frankreich): Simulation of baggy webs and web wrinkles with FEM and control co-simulation
Dr. Frank Göring, Dr. Uta Fügmann, Prof. Wolfgang Beier (TU Chemnitz): Geometric calculation of plate cylinder projection and blanket cylinder projection for smallest-possible displacement in nip
Mihael Gajicic, Prof. Karl Schaschek (Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart): Tangential deformation in the top layer of different blankets due to the radial adjustment in nip
Prof. Karl Schaschek (Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart): Investigations of strain states of blankets in nip
Discussion und closing remarks